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Mandiola Artwork

Awards and distinctions


The artist has received numerous awards and distinctions throughout his career, both nationally and internationally. 


Some of the most notable are: Honor Award at the University Salon in 1955, Third Official Salon Award in 1957 and Ceramic Award at the First Plastic Arts Fair in 1959, all in Santiago de Chile. 


The artist also obtained the Official Salon of Applied Arts Honor Award in 1964, as well as the Second Prize in the Aceros del Pacífico Company Painting Contest that same year. 


In 1979 he won the First Prize in sculpture in the V National Contest for the Placement of Values, organized by the Banco de Fomento, the Fundación del Pacífico and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. 


In 1992 he obtained the First Prize in the Banco Ciudad Sculpture Contest, and in 1997 he obtained the First Prize in Semifigurative Sculpture at the Second International Salon of Plastic Arts in Barcelona, Spain. 


In 2008, he was nominated for the Altazor Award in the Sculpture-Visual Arts category for an exhibition at the AMS Marlborough Gallery.



Luis Mandiola


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